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The history of the Rebellion (as the galactic civil war is referred to and is also the name of the breakaway faction) begins long before the first shots have been fired. The various member species of the Alliance have found their liberties slowly being eroded, and people living on colony worlds found their ways of life being disrupted. The anger and discontent on the colony worlds explodes into civil war with the rise of Azurius as the leader of the Rebellion. He is a Gothowan chemical biologist who proves to be a brilliant military strategist. The war quickly becomes savage as each side becomes embittered at the constant retribution and retaliation.

Meanwhile, Earth (also called Terra) was struggling with issues of its own. With the discovery of ways to manipulate the human genetic code, various groups sought to create a more advanced human. The result was a series of eugenics wars where humanity’s bioengineered offspring tried to subjugate or exterminate humanity. There were two notable exceptions. One was the Finnian, who were created to be warriors and had been at war with Earth when one of their number, General Aisling O’Connor, found she couldn’t reconcile what she was ordered to do with the code of honor she’d grown up with. She and her followers turned on their creators, turned them over to the Earth Government for crimes against humanity, and forged an alliance with Earth.

Some years later, fear began to grow of another eugenics war when they discovered another group of bioengineered humans on a planet called Etrusci. The Neo-Etruscan’s, however, had abandoned the Utopian view of their founders and have evolved into a peaceful culture centered on a religion based on the Creator, whose priestesses had developed powerful telepathic and empathic powers, including the power to heal.

Once satisfied that the Neo-Etruscan’s had no interest in conquest, the joint delegation of Terran and Finnian representatives returned home. However, over time the Finnian began to develop their own telepathic powers. A variant of the Neo-Etruscan religion of the Creator took root among the Finnian. The emergence of these new powers made the Finnian even more lethal, but they were always true to their bond with their fellow humans.

Two hundred years later, the Rebellion came to human held space. As they were attacked by the Rebellion, the Terrans and Finnian quickly joined with the Alliance. A bombardment of Earth’s sun caused intense solar flair activity that made civilized life on Earth impossible and caused the people to be evacuated to a planet called New Terra.

By the time Liam is born, the Rebellion seems to be in decline. Azurius has been rejected by his former colleagues due to his growing megalomania. He turned his sights on the conquest of Etrusci and has brought in the last of his most effective construct: giant, carnivorous insects called chitin.
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