Several species in the galaxy have powerful telepathic abilities, though only the Neo-Etruscan Priestesses of the Creator seem to have developed healing abilities. In addition to being able to communicate mind to mind, this telepathy allows people to dreamwalk. Simple dreamwalking allows one to examine things in one’s own subconscious mind. More powerful telepaths can actually step outside their bodies. This is useful for being able to look around. Belief is critical in the dreamscape. If a person doesn’t believe he or she can do something in the dreamscape, such as fly, or walk through something, they will not be able to do it. Conversely, the ability to disbelieve can protect someone from harm inflicted by another. As Jarek said, the slightest doubt could kill you. While moving around one’s own subconscious uses very little energy, communicating over a great distance or moving outside your body uses energy more rapidly. When a person is exhausted, the dreamscape seems fill with fog to the point where a person might not be able to find their way back to their body.

Related to dreamwalking is the ability to step out of time. This allows a person to appear to slow the time around him or her without it affecting them. In battle they can move very rapidly, giving them a distinct advantage over their enemy for a limited time. However, like dreamwalking, it uses energy and a person can be dragged back into regular time once they become tired.

The Dreamscape


Most of the action of the Dreamscape Warrior Series takes place approximately 1000 years in the future. This is a period of interstellar civil war between the Galactic Alliance and the Rebellion.

It was already going on for hundreds of years when the Rebellion’s leader, Azurius, inflicted it on human space. The novels center on the family of Liam, foster son of Marcus and Lidia, son of Seámus and Deirdre, who takes the name of his Finnian birth mother’s family, O’Connor, after the events of Price of Vengeance.